Rob Pincus

ShotLock Gun Storage Vaults

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   4  mins

Rob Pincus presents the ShotLock series of vaults and storage devices for defensive firearms. When it comes to securing and staging a defensive firearm, we always have to compromise between security and access. How do ShotLock products address that compromise?

Preventing Unauthorized Access

As firearms owners, it’s our responsibility to prevent unauthorized access to our firearms. If children, visitors, repairmen, not to mention burglars or home invaders, enter our house, firearms cannot be left unsecured. ShotLock vaults help prevent unauthorized access.

Efficient Authorized Access

Anyone who owns firearms for defensive purposes needs to access those firearms quickly and efficiently in an emergency. That’s where ShotLock comes in. Rob has spoken about quick-access gun safes and staging firearms in other PDN self-defense accessories videos, in which he advocates gaining access to the firearm in a single step.

ShotLock devices use a two-step process, but utilizing large buttons and requiring gross motor skills, meaning it’s easier to do under stress. Enter a code and turn the latch and then you can lift the lid of the ShotLock vault and access your firearm. It takes a little longer but you gain a higher level of security.

ShotLock Devices

Included in the ShotLock lineup are:

Shotgun Solo-Vault: covers the action of the shotgun and mounts securely to a wall or in a vehicle

Handgun Solo-Vault: features a flanged no-pry lid for extra security, is mountable or portable via its carry handle

QuickDrawer Solo-Vault: has a spring-assisted drawer opening and includes mounting plates, fits up to a full-framed 1911

All are constructed of military-grade 14-gauge steel.

Rob examines the Handgun Solo-Vault in detail, demonstrating its security and access features. It’s especially appropriate for people who travel with their firearm and want a device that cannot be pried open with a screwdriver or forced open by dropping on a hard surface.

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