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Skill Maintenance With SIRT Training Guns

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

To do live-fire training, you need firearms, ammunition, and access to a range. During the past year, ammunition and range access have been hard to come by for a lot of shooters. How can you maintain your shooting skills under these circumstances? Rob Pincus offers his advice on this timely topic.


SIRT training guns can be useful for skill development at times like this, but be sure to think about what you are training and why you’re using these less-lethal weapons instead of a live-fire option.

Many skills need to be practiced live fire, including trigger press, balancing speed and precision, and combining stimuli and responses. You need the bang and the physics of the firearm. What are you really doing when using a SIRT Pistol or STIC to maintain your skills?


Once you’ve learned and developed skills in a live-fire environment through firearms training courses, you can easily maintain them using SIRT guns, a dummy gun, or your unloaded and cleared gun.

What skills can you practice with SIRT guns? Presentation from the holster; movement while in the ready position, such as moving to a barricade area in your home; and family scenarios using the SIRT guns as props are a few examples.


After inserting the SIRT Pistol into the SIRT STIC, you can practice some long-gun skills including tactical reloads, manipulating a white light or laser, deploying back-up iron sights, using a sling, and running the safety.


Be aware that the SIRT guns “fire” a laser, which means there is no recoil. And because you don’t have to manage recoil, your shooting may appear to be better than it would be if you were doing live fire. You might get a false impression of your true balance of speed and precision.

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