Rob Leatham

Springfield - Worlds Collide: Appendix Carry for Different Body Types

Rob Leatham
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Duration:   2  mins

Appendix-inside-the-waistband (AIWB) carry of a handgun is not only for people with a thin build. PDN’s Rob Pincus and Team Springfield’s Rob Leatham show how they effectively carry concealed for their different body types.

What is considered “concealed carry” for a defensive-minded private citizen and for a competition shooter is radically different. Rob Pincus is carrying concealed in a manner PDN viewers are familiar with: wearing average, non-attention-getting street clothes. Most observers would never guess he’s got a holstered handgun inside his waistband.

Competition “Concealed Carry”

Rob Leatham explains that in the competition world, “concealed carry” means that technically the gun is not visible, but it’s not what most defensive-minded shooters would consider concealed. He is wearing an IDPA-style vest and a large handgun outside the waistband, plus about five magazines on his opposite side.

Taking Off the Vests

When there’s no outer garment to hide the handgun profile, AIWB works very well for people who have a thin build, for example Rob Pincus. Using AIWB carry, the handgun can be carried comfortably and concealed while wearing regular everyday clothing.

But what about bigger guys, for example Rob Leatham? Surprise — Rob is carrying another handgun inside the waistband, and it’s completely hidden. He explains that AIWB is a great way for him to carry if the barrel of the gun is not too long, though the length of the magazine does not matter.

Both Robs are carrying a Springfield XD-S. Pincus has a 4-inch and Leatham a 3.3-inch.

Don’t rule out inside-the-waistband carry if you have a bigger build! It can still be comfortable and conceal the handgun.

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