Rob Pincus

Springfield - Worlds Collide: Figure 8 Drill

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

The Figure 8 Drill is an effective tactical shooting drill because of its unpredictability. It’s an evaluative drill that Rob Pincus uses in the Combat Focus Shooting program. In the Figure 8 Drill, the shooter needs to apply a thought process to what they are doing with the gun. “Gaming” this drill is impossible.

In this video, competition shooter Rob Leatham of Team Springfield shoots the Figure 8 Drill after rangemaster Rob Pincus has loaded his magazines such that Rob L doesn’t know when he will have to reload. Two markers on the ground simulate a 360-degree environment, and the shooter (Rob L) walks around them in a figure 8.

Three targets are set up with four numbers or symbols on them. As the shooter walks in a figure 8, the rangemaster calls out where to shoot and the shooter places three to five shots there. What happens when Rob Leatham shoots the Figure 8? Lessons are learned.

Some competition shooters may feel that an untimed drill such as the Figure 8 has little value because it’s an “everyone is a winner” drill. Wrong, and this video shows why.

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