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Steiner Optics Micro Pistol Sight

Rob Pincus
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Steiner Optics is a well-regarded name, known for rugged optics and scopes. They’re now in the Micro Pistol Sight game with their enclosed emitter optic, the MPS. We check in on Rob Pincus doing one of his first shooting sessions with the MPS.

The Steiner MPS is a fully enclosed emitter red-dot sight meant for a pistol. Using a riser, it could probably be mounted on an AR or a shotgun. However, the MPS is specifically designed to fill that niche for someone who wants an enclosed emitter on a pistol, whether it’s a duty pistol, for home defense, or for everyday carry.


The enclosed emitter has a lot of advantages compared to an open emitter. It’s easier to clean off. It’s much less likely that something will happen to damage the emitter itself. It’s impossible for the emitter to get blocked; in other words, the light won’t reach the lens/front of the glass that you’re looking at. These are all important factors for this piece of defensive gear.


This is a true one-power. There’s no magnification and no distortion. It has a relatively large field of view. There is a metal block on the front of the gun included in the hood that has a recessed front glass layer also, which does even more to protect the optic from damage.

It’s a 3.3 MOA, which is a really good size for fast acquisition but also to allow you to be more precise if the target is farther away or if the target is smaller.

The MPS has 13,000 hours of battery life and eight brightness settings. It has very large + and – buttons on the side. It has an auto-off feature after 13 hours, though you may disable that if you want to have it in constant on.

If you’re thinking, wait, isn’t Rob anti red-dot sights on pistols? Check the video where he explains why he changed his mind: Red-Dot Sights on Pistols.

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