Deryck Poole

Streamlight ProTac HL-X Tactical Flashlight

Deryck Poole
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Duration:   3  mins

A tactical flashlight is one of the most useful pieces of defensive gear we can have, and in fact it’s a good idea to have several—for the vehicle, work, everyday carry, and a few staged in different parts of the home.

PDN’s Deryck Poole of Echo 5 Training has a powerful, reliable, and economical tactical flashlight that comes from one of our PDN Training Tour sponsors, Primary Arms Online.


The Streamlight ProTac HL-X Tactical Flashlight has some great features, including three operating modes: low, medium, and high. Low is 65 lumens, medium 400 lumens, and high is 1000 lumens. On a standard CR123 battery, the HL-X will run at full power for about 90 minutes. It can be set up for multiple-click operation, which includes a strobe function. The 1000 lumens reach out to 360 yards.

With the purchase of a simple accessory, the HL-X can become a weapon-mounted light on a rifle, provided the rifle has a rail.

The Streamlight ProTac HL-X Tactical Flashlight has a hard aluminum body that can take some drops onto concrete. It has an anodized finish and is black in color. It’s very reasonably priced at about $100, and Primary Arms Online often has sales.


Deryck again stresses the advisability of having several tactical flashlights in our environments at all times. He feels the HL-X is a bit big to carry comfortably in a pocket all day, though your mileage may vary on that. He considers it ideal as a home flashlight and has this one staged next to his front door, so he can take it whenever he goes outside after dark.

Whether you’re looking for your first light or your 20th, check out the Streamlight ProTac HL-X at Primary Arms Online. It’s high quality and won’t break the bank.

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