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Syncron OWB Holster

Rob Pincus
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Many people choose an outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster for their everyday handgun carry because they find it more comfortable than inside the waistband. A few different clothing configurations work well for OWB carry, including what Rob Pincus is wearing in this video: jeans and an untucked shirt.

He’s also wearing a new OWB holster, the Syncron from G-Code Holsters, a very modern evolution of the OWB concealed-carry holster.


Holsters need to do a few things:

1. Hold the gun securely, so the gun doesn’t fall out.
2. Cover the trigger, to ensure the gun can’t be fired when it’s in the holster.
3. Hold the gun in a consistent position, so that when you reach for it, you can get a good grip on it every time.
4. Release the gun relatively easily when you need it.
5. A concealed-carry holster should work with your clothing to help you keep the gun concealed.


The Syncron Holster from G-Code Holsters performs all of these tasks very well and is also very comfortable to wear due to some design features. First, it has adjustable height via a clip that can be moved down, which raises the gun on the body, making it more concealable as well as comfortable.

Another way to increase concealability in an OWB holster is to make sure it’s tucked up against the body. The Syncron does this with one of its unique features, a bridge loop that can be set up at different heights. The bridge loop is also flexible and can be pulled in against your body without it being uncomfortable. When you move, the gun stays against your body but doesn’t poke into your body.

The Syncron OWB holster has several options for color and finish, including the basket-weave finish on the holster in this video. That finish is soft and won’t cause wear on clothing. It also won’t make noise and alert others you are carrying a gun.


We have an entire category on the PDN site dedicated to Holsters and Usage, but many of the videos are about IWB holsters. Rob wanted to cover this specific OWB holster because he feels it represents an evolution for OWB carry, and he encourages PDN viewers to check it out.

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