Omari Broussard

Tactical Firearms Training: Professionals vs. Citizens

Omari Broussard
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Duration:   5  mins

PDN Contributor and owner of 10X Defense Omari Broussard speaks to the rationale behind objective-based measurement of shooting skill. Armed professionals such as military and law enforcement personnel must demonstrate accuracy and speed in order to perform their jobs through tactical firearms training. But having objective standards for private citizens training for personal defense is an entirely different situation.

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2 Responses to “Tactical Firearms Training: Professionals vs. Citizens”

  1. Darrin Roush

    Definitely food for thought. Also means we needed ability to get some excellent up front training and then a way to frequently if not daily practice at home with dry firing for example and visualizing various subjective circumstances and how one might tackle those.

  2. Ronald Quashie

    Wow the instructor in this video makes alot to sense…… He brought ah whole different aspect to me in respect to firearms training

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