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Tactical Walls - Concealment End Table

Rob Pincus
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Tactical Walls are known for their clandestine staging options that fit into the walls of your home, hence the company name. Now Tactical Walls is also in the concealment furniture business, offering tables.

Versatile Concealment Furniture

The Tactical Walls Concealment End Table can function equally well as an end table or a night stand. It is set up with RFID technology. Inside this piece of concealment furniture you can keep your staged defensive firearm and perhaps some medical equipment, a flashlight, and spare magazines at the ready for when you need them. You are also keeping them away from unauthorized access and out of sight, in a place where no one would think to look if they broke into your home to burglarize it.

There is no opening or drawer in the Tactical Walls Concealment End Table except via the RFID technology.

Concealment Coffee Table

Tactical Walls also offers the Concealment Coffee Table, a larger version of the Concealment End Table. The Coffee Table can hold a long gun, multiple handguns, and other self-defense tools and accessories.

This concealment furniture from Tactical Walls are great options for clandestine staging of defensive firearms.

Preventing Unauthorized Access

We talk about preventing unauthorized access every time we talk about responsible firearms ownership and whenever we talk about Tactical Walls, because that’s what they help you do. They help you be a responsible and prepared defensive firearms owner. Quick access when you want it but preventing access to unauthorized persons all the time through their clandestine staging tables.


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