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What's in Your Tactical Walls Common Area? - SPONSORED

Rob Pincus
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The Tactical Walls RFID unit that you place in an entryway or common area in your home will probably not contain the same items that the unit in a more secure area such as a barricade room will contain.

If you take your preparation for armed home defense seriously, you already understand the importance of staging a defensive firearm, and that you don’t want to just stage a defensive firearm, but other gear with it.

Gear Staged in an Entryway

The Tactical Walls RFID unit that Rob Pincus has near his front door contains some gear that he would not put in the Tactical Walls units in other parts of the house and some that he would. The first item is a defensive handgun with a round in the chamber and a trigger guard installed. The trigger guard is attached by a cord to a metal eyelet that is part of the Tactical Walls unit. If Rob needs to access the handgun, he can pull firmly on the gun and the trigger guard will detach.

Rob recommends this setup for a Tactical Walls RFID unit placed near an entryway because this is a place where you may need to use the firearm immediately upon accessing it. Better to have a round in the chamber and a trigger guard.

Another item specific to an entryway staging area is a C2 Taser. If Rob sees an incident outside his house that he needs to intervene in but not with lethal force, he can grab the Taser and quickly move outside.

Other gear designed for moving outside with are a bellyband holster and the fact that the handgun is a compact one good for concealed carry as opposed to the full-size handgun staged in a more interior room of the house.

Gear Staged in All Units

Two items that should be in every emergency staging area regardless of their location within the house are a medical kit and a flashlight. The medical kit is a trauma kit designed to treat gunshot wounds, heavy bleeding, etc. The Tactical Walls RFID unit is not where the kids come to get band aids.

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