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Target Nation 3D FRED Target System

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Duration:   7  mins

When doing range training or practice, we’re usually shooting at flat pieces of paper or steel. But the human body we may need to shoot at to defend ourselves is not flat, so 3D targets are preferable. The Target Nation 3D FRED Target is a valuable training tool.


From the Fall 2021 PDN Live Product Showcase, PDN Contributors Aquil Bey of Tailored Defense Training Group and Jerah Hutchins of Clearing the Chamber examine the Target Nation 3D FRED Target System.

FRED is a 3D target of a torso and head made of heavy-duty cardboard. This means that, unlike other 3D targets, it is lightweight, portable, and affordable. FRED is also sold in bulk for firearms training courses and professional use. It comes with a stand and can be placed in different positions.


In addition to the target being 3D, FRED comes with a 3D Vital Organ Impact Card Examinator, a 3D white plastic piece that fits inside the target and depicts organs such as the heart and lungs. It’s easy to install inside the target and check to see if your shot has hit anything vital. When Aquil tries it out and takes a few shots, it appears from the outer target that he has hit FRED’s arms. But upon removing the VOICE, it’s confirmed that he has made a heart shot – threat neutralized.


Another piece sold with FRED is Suits, an accessory board perfect for scenario training and tactical shooting drills. In addition to the attachable arms for the target, Suits contains photo-realistic cardboard cutouts of shotguns, knives, machetes, police badges, cell phones, cameras, wallets, and soda bottles. You can easily create shoot and no-shoot targets for range sessions.


As Aquil says in the video, shooting at a 1D target like a flat piece of paper does not match what we face in the real world with human threats. With 3D targets like FRED, you can ID a threat from multiple angles and you can take shots from multiple angles.

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