Taurus® Millennium G2 Defensive Handgun

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Duration: 1:24

Robert Crescenzi from Taurus® explains new features on the Millennium G2 Compact 9mm defensive handgun with Rob Pincus at the NRA’s 2013 Annual Meetings and Exhibits.

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2 Responses to “Taurus® Millennium G2 Defensive Handgun”

  1. Tom Nelson

    Are there any stricker fired DAO for first shot or are they all DA only if first shot doesn’t work?

  2. Robert Gonzalez

    If I understood your question: In all the DA/SA guns I’ve seen (Sig, Beretta), you must get a shot off in double action before it runs in SA mode because the slide must push the hammer back to set the trigger and get the gun ready for the SA shots. However, If you have a round chambered and the DA shot (1st shot) doesn’t work, you can try pulling the hammer back and firing again. For me, I wouldn’t waste anytime playing with the hammer. Rather rack another round, ejecting the one that didn’t work. Likely it will fail again if it failed once before.