Rob Pincus

The Myth of Limited Precision from a Snub Nosed Revolver

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

The snub-nosed revolver is a very popular defensive gun. The snubbie featured in this video is a 642 Smith & Wesson J-Frame and is one that Rob Pincus actually carries.

In fact snubbies are so popular that we have an entire hour-long video download dedicated to developing skills with the snub-nosed revolver for personal defense. But this gun is also the subject of myths and misconceptions.

What Is a Belly Gun?

Today most people think a belly gun is one that is carried in front of the belly, in other words appendix carry. But traditionally the myth of the snub-nosed revolver is that it is only good for jamming into someone’s belly when they are right on top of you, and that it’s not much good for defensive use beyond arm’s reach or when you’re in direct contact with a threat.

But the fact is that you can develop skill with the snub-nosed revolver in order to get combat accurate hits relatively easily. Just understand that you are trading the convenience of the package and the reliability of the system for extra work on the double-action trigger.

On the Range with the 642

Rob demonstrates getting an extremely accurate hit with the 642 at 20 feet — proof that it can be done. But in reality, you would never need to be that accurate in a defensive situation. When we talk about being precise with a snub-nosed revolver, we’re talking about being able to hit your target.

It can be done, but it does take more effort, training, time and energy to get to that level of precision with the snub-nosed revolver. You have many self-defense tools to choose from when arming yourself. The snub-nosed revolver is worth considering. It’s not only for use when you’re in the clinch and jamming it into someone’s belly.

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