Rob Pincus

Training in Context: Recognizing an Attack

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   2  mins

Everyone knows that recognizing an attack as early as possible is vital to survival during a fight. But, the earlier you recognize an attack in imminent, the less likely others around you, or even video cameras, are to pick up on why you took defensive action. Learning “pre-contact” cues to physical violence can not only keep you safer, they can also help you articulate why you knew you had to use force to defend yourself before someone actually threw a punch or got a knife out of their pocket.

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One Response to “Training in Context: Recognizing an Attack”

  1. Garyfinley

    Once again, a very good tip. My father called the dropping of the shoulder "telegraphing the punch". Professionals try to avoid that. If someone is approaching me and they put their hand in a pocket is liable to make me very nervous.

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