Rob Pincus

Using a Laser Device When Shooting From Retention

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   3  mins

Dealing with a threat within one arm’s reach requires shooting from retention. When far away from a threat, we’ll shoot at extension. In between these two distances — within two arms’ reach but out of contact — is a gray area, and this is where having a laser aiming device on a firearm can be an advantage. At this distance, having a laser on will show exactly where the firearm is aimed. Rob Pincus demonstrates using a Side Mount Laser from Laserlyte.

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One Response to “Using a Laser Device When Shooting From Retention”

  1. touringsite

    do you have a video addressing the different approach needed for firing a revolver in close proximity while being mindful of the forcing cone as opposed to semi-auto pistols?

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