Rob Pincus

Using Long Guns in Confined Spaces

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   7  mins

Rob Pincus demonstrates the best techniques for utilizing a long gun in confined spaces like the hallways of your house. He shows what it means to establish a good reactionary gap, how to find the best angles for cover, and why you have to create and maintain an optimal field of vision. In this type of defensive situation, you are operating a long gun to get yourself and/or your family out of harm’s way, not to deter all danger in a wartime environment, so you should adhere to these methods just for protecting your family, clearing a line to your escape route, or reaching your barricade.

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One Response to “Using Long Guns in Confined Spaces”

  1. gongfu69

    I do have a sincere question and am curious on what your opinion is on maintaining the low ready position with a carbine through confined spaces if you do have previous professional training? ie. ( Military/Law Enforcement) Should we keep and maintain the skills we developed on active duty? Or do we retrain ourselves with new skills and tactics now that we are a civilian and in a family home setting?

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