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Viridian X5L Gen 3 - SPONSORED

Rob Pincus
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The new Viridian X5L Gen 3 is the latest version of the original green laser sight and tactical light combo. It’s been ten years since the original Viridian X5L came on the market, with its Instant-On Technology and 5mw green laser. The Gen 3 is a great evolution of the older X5Ls.

Rob Pincus has used Viridian X5Ls on rifles and pistols for a long time and has found them to be durable, reliable, really bright (500 lumens), and exactly the kind of light he wants to use on his home-defense guns or when carrying a firearm that has a weapon-mounted light for concealed-carry personal defense.

Viridian X5L Gen 3 Specs

The Viridian X5L Gen3 is designed to work with any full-size handgun that is rail-equipped, and the new design will work with any holster that fits the Streamlight TLR-1, and that means a lot of holsters.

The new X5L Gen 3 has a rechargeable, removable battery that you can charge through a USB port or remove it and place it in a separate charger. The battery has seven hours of life and controls both the light and the laser.

The Viridian X5L Gen 3 is user programmable as a light and/or a laser. Operating modes include solid light and solid laser, strobing light with solid laser, strobing laser only, strobing laser with solid light, just the light, or just the laser.

Instant-On Technology

The versatility of the design is enhanced by the fact that it has Viridian’s Instant-On Technology. This unique technology relies on a magnet system that is embedded into the holster to be able to turn the unit off when it’s in the holster and instantly on when the firearm is drawn without any extra action except pulling it out of the holster. It can be manually turned on and off as well.

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2 Responses to “Viridian X5L Gen 3 - SPONSORED”


    just bought one for my sig 229 Elite!... TY!


    just bought on for my sig 229 Elite!... TY!

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