When Not to Tell Others You Are Carrying a Concealed Handgun

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Duration: 4:43

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When shouldn’t you tell someone you’re carrying a concealed firearm? Rob Pincus presents his views.

To Threaten Someone

The number one situation in which you should not tell someone you’re armed is in an attempt to threaten them. “Hey, pal, don’t mess with me. I’m carrying a gun!” Don’t say this—it makes you the instigator of trouble. Stating this because you believe you or a loved one is in danger is also unwise because you have just tipped your hand to the bad guy and lost the element of surprise. Furthermore, if you are in a situation where you feel you need to say you’re carrying a concealed firearm, it’s probably time for you to have your hand on that firearm, whether in the holster or presenting, and not simply telling them you’re armed as a means of intimidation.

To Impress Someone

Hopefully everyone watching this video realizes that telling someone you’re carrying a concealed firearm as a means to impress them, make them think you’re a tough guy/gal or make them respect you, is immature and sophomoric. Rob believes anyone who carries a gun for this reason, or to make them feel better about themselves, needs a mindset check.

To Antagonize Someone

Telling a person who has expressed a fear of guns or an anti-gun stance that you’re carrying a concealed firearm is also a bad idea. In the worst-case scenario, it could cause a confrontation or violent situation, and you would have instigated it.

There are many reasons to reveal you are carrying: watch our video on when to tell others you’re carrying a concealed handgun for the details.

Carry with consideration for others, and carry with consideration for how your actions reflect on the entire firearms community. For more concealed carry training videos, check out our extensive collection.