Rob Pincus

When to Tell Others You’re Carrying a Concealed Handgun

Rob Pincus
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Duration:   5  mins

When should you tell others you are carrying a concealed handgun? It’s a question that anyone who does carry a concealed firearm should take very seriously before they are suddenly confronted with the question of whether to tell someone or not. PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus has some answers

“Are You Carrying a Gun Right Now?”

The first reason you might want to tell someone you are carrying a firearm is because they asked. If Rob doesn’t think the person has any malicious intent in asking, he will reply affirmatively after assessing the person and surroundings. However, he may not give any details about what, where or how he is carrying a concealed handgun.

Make Your Own Decision

As an educator in our community, Rob wants to discuss carrying a concealed handgun and is ready for any follow-up questions. But you might not be ready to answer other questions, so you may not want to start that discussion. Think about how you will reply before you’re put on the spot.

Opportunities To Educate

If the person asking seems genuinely interested in the concept of carrying a concealed handgun, you may want to seize this chance to promote responsible firearms ownership and carry. Many people are in the middle ground of not hating guns but not being sure if they should own one. An open discussion can help convince them to look into buying a firearm, taking concealed carry training with it, and becoming responsible for their own safety.

Clearing the Air

Rob also advocates telling someone you are carrying a concealed handgun if they express a genuine misunderstanding about firearms and the people who carry them. “Only a totally paranoid person would carry a gun.” Take this opportunity to correct their misconceptions, but do it rationally and without inciting an argument.

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