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Wingman Holsters Review

Deryck Poole
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PDN Contributor Deryck Poole gets a lot of questions from PDN viewers about what holster is the best. There is no objective answer to this question because it’s a matter of personal preference and intended use. Deryck takes every opportunity to review holsters and provide more information to PDN viewers, because holsters are essential defensive gear. In this video, he looks at Wingman Holsters.


The company makes a lot of Kydex holsters and has recently started vacuum fitting their molds. Wingman Holsters also uses what it calls the Fabriclip, which doesn’t require the user to wear a belt. This makes more wardrobe choices possible, including workout gear. Deryck demonstrates how the Fabriclip works. Release the bottom edge and insert the clip into the pants. Run it all the way up, as high as possible. Pull forward on the front edge, which locks in the bottom edge. This attaches the holster securely to the pants.

Putting the Wing in Wingman

Wingman Holsters has added another feature to this holster to make it even more user friendly for the non-belt wearer. An additional wing sits behind the waistband and helps keep the holster in tight to the body and not expose the handgun.

But if you are going for extra deep concealment, you can put a belt over the Fabriclip to hide the clip and the handgun even more. This is a good option for a defensive handgun holster.

Related Products

Wingman Holsters makes magazine carriers, which are also vacuum fitted. For fans of minimalist wallets, Wingman makes a Kydex wallet that has a simple design for holding numerous credit or other cards and making them easy to access.

The Verdict

For a couple of months, Deryck has been testing an IWB Wingman Holsters Kydex holster with wing and designed for appendix carry. He has been very pleased with it and encourages those looking for a new holster to check out Wingman Holsters.

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One Response to “Wingman Holsters Review”

  1. Frank

    That just isn't going to work without a belt on gym shorts or sweat pants. It's going to sag big time, unless you are carrying a really lightweight sidearm.

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