Rob Leatham

Worlds Collide: Natural Point of Aim

Rob Leatham
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Duration:   2  mins

Champion competition shooter Rob Leatham and defensive shooting instructor Rob Pincus talk about the concept of natural point of aim and if there is such a thing as “correct” positioning of the feet while drawing and firing.

Natural Point of Aim

One of Rob Leatham’s pet peeves is natural point of aim. As Rob explains, take a competition shooter with two targets close together. He would draw his gun and move a couple of inches here and there between the two targets. As Rob has become a more competent shot by shooting in more matches, he has realized that due to movement and getting into and out of various positions during match stages, he can’t get a perfect natural point of aim.

When he teaches defensive handgun training classes and students ask him how to get that perfect grip and stance, he replies that there isn’t one.

Body Positioning

Rob Pincus picks it up from there. He tells defensive shooting students that he wants them to start out by having their feet equally distant from the target when drawing the gun. But an hour later, the class is doing lateral movement, reloading while moving, and turning their hips — what happens to the feet being equally distant from the target then?

Sometimes one foot ends up behind the other. So how important is it that both feet be squared to the target? Rob stresses that position is the starting place for being able to drive out and shoot, but the bottom line is that if you can’t drive out and shoot with either foot farther back than the other, it means you can’t apply the skills you have learned.

During firearms training, start out with both feet equal distance from the target just so you don’t think you have to start with one foot in front of the other.

To sum it up, during training and practice, don’t think about where your feet are going to be, because you don’t know where they are going to be in the fight.

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One Response to “Worlds Collide: Natural Point of Aim”

  1. steven m thul

    Great training examples, I use the info I get for all my CCW classes up here in MN.

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