• Tactical Firearms Training for Helping Others during a Shooting Incident

    Part 1. Active Shooter Response: Drills for Defensive Shooting

    If you need to act in order to assist someone else in an active shooter situation, how can you do it while maintaining your own safety? Rob Pincus shows how to recreate this scenario without role players so you can add this shooting drill to your mix of tactical firearms training strategies. Rob considers what…

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  • Pistol Shooting Drills: Alternative Target Area

    Part 2. Pistol Shooting Drills: Alternative Target Area

    A popular pistol shooting drill that can help you, if faced with a threat off the range, is the alternative target area drill or failure drill. The high center chest is the primary target area, but if the initial volley of shots to that area does not stop the threat, aiming somewhere else may be…

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  • Lateral Movement Deceleration Drills

    Part 3. Lateral Movement Deceleration Drills

    Moving quickly to get off the line of fire is important, but that alone will not stop a threat. Getting the gun into a shooting position and firing on the threat are what ends critical incidents. The faster and better you can decelerate and get into a stable shooting platform, the more easily you’ll be…

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  • Multiple Ports Shooting Drill

    Part 4. Multiple Ports Shooting Drill

    This drill forces the shooter to get into awkward shooting positions. Openings of various shapes and sizes are cut into a target backer. Rob Pincus discusses the best way to prepare this target backer to maximize the value of this shooting drill. Since we can’t predict where cover, obstacles or bystanders will be during a…

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  • Defensive Shooting in Motion Training Drill

    Part 5. Defensive Shooting in Motion Training Drill

    In this instructional video, Rob Pincus demonstrates shooting in motion. You’ll learn why traditional shooting and moving on the range are too choreographed and static to be applied to real-life situations. Rob shows a simple exercise you can use to practice shooting while moving. It is extremely valuable for situations when an attacker is just…

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