• Home Defense Handgun Drills at a TIR

    If you’re stuck in a static position inside a booth at an indoor range, this drill is useful for practicing home-defense handgun tactics. PDN Contributor Andy Loeffler demonstrates the lock-box drill, in which the shooter pictures himself being under attack in the confines of his home. The shooter must take the gun out of a…

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  • Shooting Positions While Using a Vehicle as Cover

    Rob Pincus looks at various ways vehicles can be used as cover when carrying a long gun, as well as different ways to get into position to shoot around vehicles. Topics in this extended video include how close to stay to the vehicle; employing specific vehicle parts to get into shooting positions; strong-side vs weak-side…

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  • Planning Your Visit to a Traditional Indoor Gun Range

    If you’ve taken a dynamic defensive shooting class, you want to maintain the skills you learned. How can you do this at an indoor range, when you are operating as an individual and no longer under the supervision of an instructor? How can you maximize the range time yet work within the rules in place…

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  • Handgun Draw for Close Quarters Shooting

    Rob Pincus and Andy Loeffler demonstrate handgun drawing and how to best defend against a close-quarters threat. Your focus must first be on controlling the threat. Next, after clearing the initial attack, access your firearm. What are the two key components to handgun drawing when in contact distance with an attacker?

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  • Features of a Modern Gun Safe

    Andy Loeffler shows the features and options available for modern gun safes. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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  • Deploying a Firearm from a Biometric Gun Vault

    Rob Pincus and Andy Loeffler demonstrate the deployment of a firearm from a biometric gun vault. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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  • Black Wing Shooting Center

    Rob Pincus and Andy Loeffler discuss the services available at the Black Wing Shooting Center and training facility. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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