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    Shotgun Training with Recoil Reduction Stock

    A full day of shotgun training can be very fatiguing. To get the most out of your shotgun training, consider using the BlackHawk NRS2 Second Generation Recoil Reduction Tactical Stock for pump-action Winchester, Mossberg and Remington shotguns. It can reduce felt recoil up to 85%. Rob Pincus examines this stock feature by feature and assesses…

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  • Fixed Blade Knife for Everyday Carry

    Fixed Blade Knife for Everyday Carry

    Rob Pincus presents the Gideon Tanto Point fixed blade knife from BlackHawk. This is a rugged, durable knife with a solid, heavy blade and thin, comfortable contoured handle. Rob talks about the variety of applications for this knife, including law enforcement, personal defense, hunting and other outdoor uses. The sheath has a retention lock so…

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  • Center-Line Knife Carry

    Center-Line Knife Carry

    Rob Pincus discusses using center line carry for storing personal defense knives.

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