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    CMMG 2015 Tour Sponsor Overview

    Rob Pincus introduces CMMG, a 2015 PDN Training Tour Sponsor.

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  • CMMG Mk4 3 Gun Rifle Overview

    CMMG Mk4 3 Gun Rifle Overview

    PDN Executive Director Rob Pincus takes a look at the advantages of the CMMG Mk4 3 gun rifle. This 3 gun rifle has incredible speed and precision. The AR is designed not just for serious competitors, but for anyone who is looking for a high quality, reliable AR type rifle with a great trigger, medium…

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  • CMMG AR Rifles

    CMMG AR Rifles

    CMMG is a high quality manufacturer of reliable and fairly priced AR Rifles and parts. The Mk4 RCE is a feature-packed carbine, complete with CMMG’s RKM14 KeyMod rail and SV muzzle brake, a Geissele SSA 2-stage trigger, and MagPul’s MOE pistol grip and CTR butt stock. The RCE is a medium weight AR that is…

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