• Concealed Carry with Pocket Holsters and Pistols

    Concealed Carry with Pocket Holsters and Pistols

    The options for carrying sub-compact defensive firearms are almost limitless. Yet, even though they are called pocket pistols, one option that’s neither safe nor appropriate is carrying the pistol unprotected in a pocket. This also often results in printing. Putting the handgun in a pocket holster is safer but may still print. To take maximum…

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  • Concealed Carry Options for Personal Defense

    Concealed Carry Options for Personal Defense

    In this extended video clip, Rob Pincus continues taking down defensive shooting myths, this time the idea that an ankle holster is a good concealed carry option for personal defense, especially at close quarters. While an ankle holster may be useful for law enforcement officers to carry a secondary or tertiary firearm, for those geared…

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  • Concealed Carry for Cold Weather

    Concealed Carry for Cold Weather

    Dressing for cold weather brings its own specific challenges for concealed carry. When wearing gloves, a heavy coat and two or three layers under it, our usual method of IWB or OWB carry may not be the best choice. Rob Pincus advocates carrying a pistol in a concealed carry pocket holster and placing it in…

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  • Part 4: Single Stack 9mm

    Part 4: Single Stack 9mm

    The single stack 9mm handgun is the most exciting category of firearms designed specifically for personal defense on the market today. Why are people so interested in them? In addition to the facts that they are new and affordable, the single-stack is thinner than a double-stack. This makes it more concealable and more comfortable to…

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  • Minimalist Holsters

    Minimalist Holsters

    Some truly minimalist options for carrying a handgun on your body are now on the market, but are they useful or reckless? Rob Pincus believes that a holster must do four things: keep the gun consistently against your body, allow you to carry comfortably, release the gun when you need it, and hold on to…

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  • SERPA Holster Review

    SERPA Holster Review

    The SERPA holster has gotten more attention than any other holster design in recent memory. The idea behind the SERPA is that it is an intuitive retention device. Rob Pincus examines the main issue with the SERPA: is it dangerous to have a retention release device that is actuated by the trigger finger? Rob demonstrates…

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  • Snag Mag: Pocket Magazine Holster

    Snag Mag: Pocket Magazine Holster

    If you take a minimalist approach to concealed carry of a defensive firearm, where do you carry a spare magazine? Many people put it in a front, back or jacket pocket to avoid it printing or being uncomfortable. A new device called Snag Mag allows you to carry a magazine securely in a pocket. Snag…

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  • Retention Holsters for Open Carry

    Retention Holsters for Open Carry

    Rob Pincus discusses the importance of using a “retention” holster if you choose to carry your defensive firearm openly, instead of concealing it. Carrying openly increases the risk of someone potentially grabbing your firearm from you.

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