• Firearm Comparison: Comparing a New Gun to an Old Gun

    Before you choose a new type of firearm for personal defense, you should compare it to one you already know well. When it comes to defensive firearms, fit and efficient operation are two of the most important attributes. In all of your training endeavors, consistency is a very valuable principle. For these reasons, before you…

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  • Defensive Shooting Standards Drill

    Many in the shooting world stress shooting “Standard Drills” in order to rate their abilities. Anytime you choreograph the exact course of fire, you remove a huge element of your practical training. The need to process information and adjust your response specifically to each scenario is vital to surviving a lethal fight.

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  • Defensive Shooting While Lying Down

    Rob Pincus gives a lesson on defensive shooting while lying down including on your back, side or stomach. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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  • Defensive Skill Development Principles and First Drills

    Demonstration of the most important personal self defense training drills. Rob Pincus concentrates not just on shooting skills but also reloads, malfunction drills and multiple targets. Learn different ways to use a common, simple range setup for your training drills. Understanding the best way to spend a day at the range is very important. Everyone’s…

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