• Close Quarters Defense & Entanglement

    In this extended video, Craig Douglas of Shivworks presents four close quarter defense tactics for surviving an assault that begins with physical blows by an attacker. This often leads to an entanglement of limbs of the defender and attacker, during which the attacker may produce a knife or gun. Here are some strategies for getting…

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  • Position Your Finger Somewhere Other Than the Trigger

    For several decades, shooting instructors in every discipline have repeated the mantra, “keep your finger off the trigger.” While experienced shooters usually find a place to keep their finger when they are not actually ready to shoot, the truth is that novices may not have any idea exactly what “off the trigger” means. Craig Douglas…

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  • Criminal Assault Paradigm

    Criminals aren’t fair fighters. Their nature as lawbreakers guarantees that they will tip the balance so that they make it as uneven for their victim as possible.

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  • Identify the Problem and Do the Work

    The self defense training philosophy, Identify the Problem and Do the Work is explained in detail by Craig Douglas from ShivWorks and PDN editor Rob Pincus. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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