• Defensive Training's Impact on Personal Health

    Defensive Training’s Impact on Personal Health

    GMA Strategic Projects Manager and Instructor Nick Smith and Instructor Dave Hendrick discuss understanding your physical capabilities and limitations. Adapt your gear and training to physical changes in your body, whether it’s worsening eyesight, loss of hearing, bad knees, or any other debilitating condition. Also, what proactive steps can you take to combat such conditions?

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  • Different Ways for Carrying a Concealed Weapon

    Different Ways for Carrying a Concealed Weapon

    GMA Director Chris Juelich explains the strategy behind GMA’s Firearms Expo, events that are held at the eight GMA facilities throughout the year. There is no admittance fee and no charge to rent firearms, which manufacturers bring so that shooters can try out their products. Ammunition is also donated by manufacturers. It’s a perfect opportunity…

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  • Interacting with Law Enforcement

    Interacting with Law Enforcement

    What should you do when you’re stopped in your vehicle by law enforcement? Gander Mountain Academy instructors and law enforcement officers Randy Lilly and Dave Hendrick speak with authority on this subject, having conducted thousands of traffic stops. They offer advice — ranging from legal to psychological — for people who are armed or have…

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  • Interstate Travel with Firearms

    Interstate Travel with Firearms

    GMA instructors and law enforcement officers Randy Lilly and Dave Hendrick discuss considerations when traveling from state to state with firearms. What is legal in one state may not be legal in another. Can you travel through a state where you don’t have a permit for your firearm? Is it easier to take your firearm…

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  • Training Beyond CCW

    Training Beyond CCW

    Chris Juelich, director of Gander Mountain Academies, and instructor Dave Hendrick look at why people often don’t train or practice after obtaining their CCW, why they should, plus which techniques should be practiced and scenarios prepared for in subsequent training. GMA’s unique facilities, offering a variety of realistic training scenarios, are discussed.

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  • Pepper Spray Considerations

    Pepper Spray Considerations

    Not everyone has the physical or mental capacity to operate a firearm in self-defense, and may decide on using pepper spray instead. GMA Instructor Dave Hendrick looks at the varieties of pepper spray: stream, spray, fog and foam. What does each do? How do you decide which is right for you? And what do you…

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