• 4:57

    Emergency Solar Charger

    More people are using portable electronic devices at the range, and a solar-powered charger is useful to charge devices during a long range day. It can also provide emergency power during long wilderness trips, and charge a car battery. Rob Pincus demonstrates how quick and simple it is to set up and operate the solar…

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  • 7:12

    Home Defense: Prep Your Home for Weather

    Weather-related disasters are the most common type of disaster people have to deal with affecting home and family. There are specific preparations you can make for the type of weather disasters that your location is prone to. PDN offers tips to prepare for flood, snow, tornado, extreme cold and extreme heat, and everyone is encouraged…

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  • Family Safety Plan: Communication

    Family Safety Plan: Communication

    When preparing for a disaster, making plans with your family is one of the most important steps you can take. The three Cs should dominate your actions with your family during any critical incident: Coordination, Communication and Cooperation. Rob Pincus expands on the three Cs, taking into consideration the probable challenges families will face during…

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