• Practicing with a Limited Pace of Fire on a TIR

    One of the worst restrictions we may have to operate under, due to indoor shooting range rules, is one that limits our pace of fire. Delivering a rapid, multiple-shot string of fire to the high center chest area at distances of nine to 15 feet is what we will most likely need to do in…

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  • Multiple Ports Shooting Drill

    This drill forces the shooter to get into awkward shooting positions. Openings of various shapes and sizes are cut into a target backer. Rob Pincus discusses the best way to prepare this target backer to maximize the value of this shooting drill. Since we can’t predict where cover, obstacles or bystanders will be during a…

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  • Planning Your Visit to a Traditional Indoor Gun Range

    If you’ve taken a dynamic defensive shooting class, you want to maintain the skills you learned. How can you do this at an indoor range, when you are operating as an individual and no longer under the supervision of an instructor? How can you maximize the range time yet work within the rules in place…

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