• Hearing Protection Ear Plugs vs. Muffs

    Hearing Protection: Ear Plugs vs. Muffs

    Protect your hearing during live-fire range training and practice. Rob Pincus shows a variety of hearing protection and compares ear plugs and ear muffs. He explains what the NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) on these products means and what “doubling up” with both ear plugs and muffs results in. Rob also discusses why he believes ear…

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  • Electronic Hearing Protection for Shooting Range Safety

    Electronic Hearing Protection for Shooting Range Safety

    Rob Pincus discusses safety with electronic hearing protection for shooting when on the range, either working with partners or during a firearms training course. Protecting your hearing from the high-decibel noises of gunfire is important, but hearing instructions clearly is too. If you can’t hear what instructors are saying, you put yourself and others at…

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