• Home Defense Plan for Immediate Aftermath

    This is an important time you need to plan for. Just because the attacker is down doesn’t mean the critical incident is over, so don’t let your guard down. Keep your firearm at the ready and your eyes on the threat, continue trying to contact law enforcement, and exit the house with your entire family…

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  • Immediate Action Plan for a Home Invasion

    Don’t be caught off-guard! Rob Pincus presents some key ideas for dealing with a home invasion. Have a plan, discuss it with your family members, and rehearse it a few different ways. Topics covered include initial movements, locating a phone and calling 911, assembling in a predetermined area of the home, and staging and accessing…

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  • Safety Talk / Helping Others

    Superstorm Sandy and the Boston Marathon bombing are two recent examples of natural and man-made disasters where people found themselves trapped in a major city during a tragic event.

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