• Separating Live Fire and Dry Fire Training for Safety

    Rob Pincus talks about the necessity of separating your live fire training from dry fire training to avoid a tragic accident. When people switch back and forth between the two without a specific procedure, they run an unreasonable risk of pulling the trigger on a live gun when they did not intend to. See other…

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  • Gun Knowledge and Demystifying the Gun

    In this extended clip from the Spree Attacker Response DVD, Rob Pincus goes in depth discussing the reality of firearms and how they can be used to hurt people, with the aim of demystifying them. PDN members and regular viewers may understand this already, but you probably know someone, or several people, who are unfamiliar…

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  • Safety Glasses

    When it comes to shooting, safety glasses are more essential than many people think. Impact resistance, distance from the face, side protection and fit are all issues that should be considered when you are choosing which safety glasses to wear to the range. It is very easy to be complacent about eye wear, but you…

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  • Kids and Guns: When to Teach Kids about Guns

    Children and guns is a controversial topic. As responsible firearms owners, it’s imperative that we teach any children in our home about firearms safety. It’s also imperative that we store our guns securely. Rob Pincus is often asked three questions: when is it appropriate to teach kids about guns, when is it time to teach…

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  • Quick Access Gun Safe: Where Do You Keep Your Firearm?

    Gander Mountain’s “With Rights comes Responsibilities” Campaign is designed to remind all responsible firearms owners to use a gun safe to prevent their guns from being accessed by those who are unauthorized, underaged and/or untrained. This is one of the most important things a firearms owner can do. There are many ways to secure a…

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  • firearm safety

    Rob Pincus is on site at the Ben Avery Shooting Range near Phoenix, Arizona, to discuss firearm safety on the range in regards to pointing a gun. People usually come to the range with their carry gun in the holster and pointed straight down for fast presentation.

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  • Untrained Persons Finding a Gun

    If you’re watching this video, chances are that untrained person is NOT you. But Rob Pincus has a challenge for you. Explain to a person in your life who knows nothing about firearms, and perhaps wants to know nothing about firearms, how to use one to defend themselves

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  • Three Gun Safety Rules

    Rob Pincus shares three gun safety rules when handling a firearm to keep and those around you safe. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original gun safety video.

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  • Targets for Firearms Training

    Rob Pincus shows the variety of targets available for firearms training and shooting drills. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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