• Storing a Tactical Vest with Your Rifle | PDN

    Storing a Tactical Vest and Gear with Your Rifle

    When you store a rifle (or any other firearm), you may or may not store your ammunition with it. One of the most convenient options for keeping ammo close to your rifle is a tactical vest.   Versatile Vests PDN Managing Editor Rob Pincus demonstrates a vest that has been pre-loaded with rifle magazines. Due…

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  • Gun Protect Safe Environment Module: Long Term Firearm Storage

    Gun Protect Safe Environment Module: Long Term Firearm Storage

    Take a close look at the Gun Protect Safe Environment Module, a wafer created to help you protect your guns from corrosion while inside any storage container and ensure long term firearm storage. Each wafer can protect all guns within any enclosed 20 cubic foot (or smaller) area, and they are good for 12 months.…

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  • Gun Storage: Gun Protect Weapon Cloaks

    Gun Storage: Gun Protect Weapon Cloaks

    Gun Storage is important for protecting your firearms. The Gun Protect Weapon Cloak system uses proven technology to protect your firearms during long or short term storage. Using a process originally designed to protect expensive automotive parts that could sit for years on warehouse shelves before being needed, the Gun Protect Weapon Cloak bags offer…

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  • Kids and Guns: When to Teach Kids about Guns

    Kids and Guns: When to Teach Kids about Guns

    Children and guns is a controversial topic. As responsible firearms owners, it’s imperative that we teach any children in our home about firearms safety. It’s also imperative that we store our guns securely. Rob Pincus is often asked three questions: when is it appropriate to teach kids about guns, when is it time to teach…

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  • Safe and Sound Radio Vault

    Safe and Sound Radio Vault

    The new Cannon Security Products RadioVault allows you to secure valuables in plain sight and access them efficiently via a biometric lock. The Radio Vault is a fully functional clock radio that integrates with your iPhone or iPod for charging and playing music. With the concealed drawer in the base of the Radio Vault, you…

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  • GunVault's Biometric Lock

    GunVault’s Biometric Lock

    The latest generation of Quick Access Safes for home defense firearms are available with Biometric Locks which read your finger prints and instantly release the lock so that you can access your gun without any codes, keys or more more complex actions. In this video, Rob Pincus goes over the features of GunVault’s most advanced…

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  • Storing a Defensive Firearm in the Home

    Storing a Defensive Firearm in the Home

    Rob Pincus and Jay White discuss the responsible storage of a defensive firearm inside the home for efficient access when the gun is needed for defense. For some people, it’s not realistic to keep the firearm on their body at all times. What are the best storage options?

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  • Paddle Holsters

    Paddle Holsters

    Many people dismiss paddle holsters, but Rob Pincus believes that they offer significant advantages in specific circumstances. While not always the best choice, for people who are frequently taking their gun off and on or for those staging a handgun for home defense, the paddle may be the perfect option.

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  • 2013 PDN Training Tour: Update #2

    2013 PDN Training Tour: Update #2

    Rob Pincus checks in from Ohio on the 2013 PDN national training tour with a reminder that with your gun rights come some important responsibilities.

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