• Handgun Training: Pistol Sight Design Breakdown

    Handgun Training: Pistol Sight Design Breakdown

    Rob Pincus has seen many different sights on students’ self defense pistols and has used even more himself over the last 30 years, but has never seen a design that works better than the traditional notch and blade type sight. The front sight is designed to fit into the notch of the rear sight. Rob…

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  • Common Shooting Challenges with the Snub Nose Revolver

    Common Shooting Challenges with the Snub Nose Revolver

    Claude Werner of Firearms Safety Training, LLC is on the range doing target analysis of shots fired from a Smith & Wesson J-Frame revolver. Claude discusses some of the common shooting challenges with the snub nose revolver. Due to the extremely short sight radius on the J-Frame, the shooter must place the front sight exactly…

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  • Installing Defensive AmeriGlo Sights on a Handgun

    Installing AmeriGlo Sights on a Defensive Handgun

    A sensible modification for a defensive handgun is installing aftermarket sights, especially ones that are for defensive use. In this tutorial video, Rob Pincus is at the workbench and installs a set of AmeriGlo sights on a Glock. What tools do you need to complete this? What checks should you perform when you get to…

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  • Handgun Sights are for Precision

    Handgun Sights for Precision

    Rob Pincus discusses why defensive handgun sights should be used primarily to help shooters be more precise, not faster.

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  • Combat Accuracy

    Combat Accuracy

    In a live firefight, your target won't be two-dimensional, and you won't always be shown their high-center chest.

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  • Fundamentals of Contact Shooting

    Fundamentals of Contact Shooting

    Rob Pincus demonstrates the fundamentals of close quarter shooting in a defensive situation. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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