• Product Review: Crossbreed Concealable Speedloader Carrier

    Many people carry compact revolvers, like the Smith & Wesson “J” frame guns, but most don’t have an efficient way to reload that revolver because speed loaders are hard to carry. That is, until now. PDN Contributor, Grant Cunningham, is at the Crossbreed Holsters booth, looking at the new Crossbreed Speedloader Case that makes a…

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  • Reloading Ammo for Defensive Training

    Considering ammunition prices recently, it can be challenging to afford training and the practice you need to maintain that training. PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham visits Hornady Manufacturing for a look at why reloading your own ammunition might make sense if you are a serious defensive shooter.

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  • Product Review: Viridian Green Lasers

    A laser sight or a laser-light combination can be a valuable addition to a defensive pistol or long gun. PDN Contributor, Grant Cunningham, visits Laser Aiming Systems to learn about the innovative Viridian green laser sights, including the X5L-RS combination light and green laser for rifles and shotguns, and the instant-on C5 laser module for…

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  • Product Review: S&W Model 66

    Many people still use a revolver for home defense or concealed carry, but usually face a compromise: concealability and hand fit versus capacity. PDN Contributor, Grant Cunningham, looks at a Smith & Wesson Model 66, a medium-frame gun that was returned to production last year but is surprisingly little-known.

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  • Product Review: S&W Model 640 Revolver

    PDN Contributor, Grant Cunningham, visits the Smith & Wesson booth and looks at a concealed carry revolver that addresses some of the weaknesses many people see in these small guns. The Smith & Wesson Pro Series Model 640 features upgraded sights and more to make it a viable choice for those who prefer the simplicity…

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  • Pistol Training with a Revolver vs Auto-Loader Handgun - What can it teach us?

    A pistol training tip from PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham on how to make the transition between the heavy double action and the lighter single action with a traditional double-action auto pistol easier and more consistent. It will result in faster shots between the first and second rounds, and more precise shots for the second and…

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  • Impediments to Learning During Firearms Training

    Rob Pincus and Grant Cunningham discuss the biggest impediments to learning and developing defensive skills during firearms training. Rob & Grant give examples from his extensive experience as an instructor working with people of a variety of backgrounds on ranges and in classrooms around the world. Physical and psychological factors are considered, as well as…

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  • Innovative Appendix Carry Holster

    After wearing the City Special appendix carry holster from PHLster for a few months, PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham has become very familiar with the unique features of this holster, which is made for S&W J-Frames. With the City Special, it’s possible to perform one-handed reloads. Grant demonstrates this and discusses the other special features of…

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  • Personal Defense Priorities

    The priorities under discussion by Rob Pincus and PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham are gear, skill, behavior, and fitness. How do these four personal defense areas rank in order of importance to a person who wants to be safer? Rob and Grant expand on their reasons for how they prioritize each area, and come to an…

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