• Viridian Radiance Light Technology: Mounted Weapon Light

    Viridian white lights are uniquely designed to cast light off to the sides of your primary direction, as opposed to evenly in a circle. Light that is cast above or below your plane of sight is largely wasted. The mounted weapon light does not waste and plane of sight. As you are searching an area…

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  • Laser Aiming Device on a Defensive Rifle

    If you have a defensive rifle, you should know how to use it as an aiming device in unorthodox situations. If you need a higher level of precision than kinesthetic alignment will accommodate and you can’t use your sights for any reason, a laser aiming device on your rifle can allow you to predict where…

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  • Viridian Instant On Laser Technology

    Having an Instant On laser on a defensive handgun makes using a laser as an aiming device significantly more efficient. Traditionally, you need to perform an extra step to activate any laser technology, or ensure that your grip engages a switch. While it has always been an option to simply leave your laser on while…

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  • Comparing Green & Red Laser Technology

    Green lasers are still a relatively new option for most people who carry defensive firearms, and even those who strongly believe in lasers on those guns still have some questions about how much better a green laser is than a traditional red one. In this video, Rob Pincus compares a green and red laser (both…

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  • Crimson Trace Green Laser Sights

    Rob Pincus talks with Mike Fan from Crimson Trace about the new green laser sights.

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