• Prepping the Gun Trigger

    Prepping the Trigger

    Staging or prepping the trigger — taking up the slack on a modern striker-fired pistol — is advocated by some as it helps the shooter make a shot that needs a high level of precision. But Rob Pincus encourages defensive shooting students not to prep the trigger, because it is a technique designed for marksmanship…

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  • Shooting Mechanics: Trigger Control

    Shooting Mechanics: Trigger Control

    Mike Hughes of NextLevel Training asserts that trigger control is one of the most unnatural elements of shooting. We have to train our three joints to work together and move in a straight line. And the motion is not constant due to the design of striker-fired triggers. What can we do in training to ingrain…

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  • Handgun Sights are for Precision

    Handgun Sights for Precision

    Rob Pincus discusses why defensive handgun sights should be used primarily to help shooters be more precise, not faster.

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  • Combat Accuracy

    Combat Accuracy

    In a live firefight, your target won't be two-dimensional, and you won't always be shown their high-center chest.

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  • Fundamentals of Contact Shooting

    Fundamentals of Contact Shooting

    Rob Pincus demonstrates the fundamentals of close quarter shooting in a defensive situation. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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