• Proper Handgun Grip When Using a Defensive Handgun

    Paul Carlson of Safety Solutions Academy discusses how the fit of a handgun affects efficiency during a defensive incident. A handgun that fits properly absorbs recoil and allows for faster follow-up shots and more precision when you need it. Plus if the handgun malfunctions, that can be handled more easily as well.

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  • Strongside Revolver Reload

    Jon Abel gives a quick demonstration of reloading a defensive revolver with a speed loader kept on the strong side. Revolvers generally have a lower capacity than modern semi-automatic pistols and are slower to reload, so an efficient technique is incredibly important.

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  • Advantages of Kydex and Leather Combination Holsters

    Holsters made of a combination of kydex and leather are large and may appear uncomfortable and difficult to conceal. Rob Pincus explains the advantages of these holsters. They combine the comfort of wearing leather against the skin all day with the reliability and security of the plastic that Kydex provides, especially with respect to being…

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