• How to Draw From a Purse Holster

    Concealed Carry Purse: How to Draw From a Holster Purse

    Watch our concealed carry purse video with Gander Mountain Academy Lead Instructor Amanda Barron demonstrates the proper form for presenting a firearm from a purse holster. Treat the concealed carry purse like any other holster: don’t let it flop around loose but keep it controlled and hold it tight against your body with your non-shooting…

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  • Holster Carry Positions: Angle & Placement

    Holster Carry Positions: Angle & Placement

    Travis Haley of Haley Strategic Partners analyzes the biomechanics of holster carry positions. How are your hands, arms and the rest of your body affected by placing the holster in the right or wrong place? When drawing a handgun, straight lines are strong and angles are weak. See how small adjustments to your holster carry…

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