• Active Shooter Response Rifle

    Active Shooter Response Rifle

    Rob Pincus discussed the optimum set-up for an Active Shooter Response Rifle for corporate or school security, college campus police or others interested in building a dedicated rifle for dealing with an armed attacker in a crowded public environment.

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  • Active Shooter Response: Parking Lot

    Active Shooter Response: Parking Lot

    Imagine the following: you’re coming out of a grocery store pushing your cart into the parking lot when, two rows down from you, an active shooter suddenly draws a gun. You hear screams of shock, and the deep boom of his shotgun rings out.

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  • Shooting AR15s

    Shooting AR15s

    Before looking at the firing and manipulations of long guns on the shooting range, Rob Pincus expresses the importance of pairing a long gun with a hand gun in serious situations. Rob provides several scenarios in which this pairing technique is crucial. Watch this personal defense video today to learn more about shooting AR15’s and…

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