• Shotgun Types

    Shotgun Types

    GMA Manager and Instructor Jay White and Instructor Randy Lilly present several different types of shotguns and explain how they work differently from one another. What are the advantages of each type and what applications are they designed for? Shotguns under review include a Benelli semiautomatic, Browning 12-gauge over-and-under, two-shot Coach gun, pump-action with ghost-ring…

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  • Mobile Gun Storage

    Mobile Gun Storage

    Keep your firearms safe and secure while you travel. GMA Manager and Instructor Jay White gives an overview of mobile storage devices for firearms. He covers numerous options for just about any size firearm, task and budget. He discusses the features and suggested uses for small lockable cases such as the Nano Vault, up to…

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  • Types of Targets

    Types of Targets

    At the live-fire ranges in every GMA facility, you will find a variety of targets to enhance your marksmanship exercises. GMA Manager and Instructor Jay White and Strategic Projects Manager and Instructor Nick Smith present these types of targets and explain what each one can do to challenge your marksmanship abilities. GMA has designed many…

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  • Private Shooting Instruction

    Private Shooting Instruction

    If you’ve hit a wall in your firearms training and practice – if there’s something you just can’t get better at — GMA Manager and Instructor Jay White and Instructor Randy Lilly suggest taking an hour of private shooting lessons. They discuss the numerous benefits of having one-on-one time with an instructor who can observe,…

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  • Lasers as Shooting Aids

    Lasers as Shooting Aids

    Laser aiming devices on defensive pistols can be a great asset in specific circumstances, but they shouldn’t be relied upon as the primary aiming device.

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  • Unorthodox Shooting Positions

    Unorthodox Shooting Positions

    After you have developed fundamental defensive shooting skills, one of the less plausible things you may want to prepare for is shooting in unorthodox shooting positions such as kneeling, seated, and/or supine.

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  • Encountering a Threat in Your Home

    Encountering a Threat in Your Home

    In this demonstration, Rob Pincus provides all the steps that you should follow after you’ve encountered a threat in your home. Once you’re aware of the hostile intrusion, making sure that you and your family are safe is, naturally, the first priority. You’ll learn how to diagnose the situation, move around in your home, give…

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  • Firearm Storage Using a Nano Vault

    Firearm Storage Using a Nano Vault

    Rob Pincus demonstrates secure storage a firearm using a GunVault NanoVault, and the advantages of this product. A Personal Defense Network (PDN) original video.

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