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    Which of these are more valuable in a reality-based training program? Ken Murray, author of Training at the Speed of Life, believes they are equally important. A defensive shooter’s skills must be developed before he can get optimal value from a scenario. Ken explains why, and also discusses the difference between a low-level scenario and…

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  • Is Reality Based Training Worth the Expense?

    Ken Murray answers this question from both monetary and philosophical perspectives. He notes that there are different levels of reality-based training and only the most elaborate are costly. In addition, the value of not getting involved in a shooting situation because of what you have experienced through reality-based training is harder to quantify, though “priceless”…

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  • Justification vs. Necessity

    Just because you can use lethal force in defensive response doesn’t always mean you should. Ken Murray, author of Training at the Speed of Life, discusses how in his reality-based training, he addresses the aftermath of employing lethal force, and how his attitude toward justification versus necessity has evolved over the years. Do you need…

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  • Tools of Reality Based Training

    What tools can we use within a reality-based training framework? Ken Murray discusses rubber guns, Airsoft guns, laser beams, marking cartridges, protective gear, and well-trained role players.

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  • Defensive Training: Training at the Speed of Life

    Ken Murray explains the concepts in his book Training at the Speed of Life, a guide to effective Reality Based Training. This book was written for instructors and students alike and covers a variety of teaching and learning situations. Ken emphasizes the importance of learning to make decisions as part of defensive training.

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  • Efficiency of Learning from Scenario Based Training

    Ken Murray speaks about the best ways to learn from scenario training and our physical skills. As we learn more about our brains and they way they work, we can make our training better.

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  • Role Playing Instructor Guidelines

    Rob Pincus sits down with scenario-based training expert Ken Murray to discuss guidelines for role players. Role players’ responses must be well-scripted, and they must overcome their ego in order to help the students. Their job is not to win but to present challenges that the students must overcome.

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  • Simplifying Training with Defensive Shooting Techniques

    Rob Pincus and Ken Murray discuss the importance of looking at training for defensive shooting in the same ways that we look at skill development for other athletic endeavors. The key is to simplify the process of intuitive skill development, not over-complicate the mechanics.

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  • Conventional vs. Non-Conventional Munitions: Shooting Simulation

    Rob Pincus and Ken Murray discuss the relative value of training and practice with airsoft, simulation rounds, laser trainers, dry-fire and reduced caliber munitions as opposed to full-power live fire rounds.

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