• Viridian Radiance Light Technology: Mounted Weapon Light

    Viridian white lights are uniquely designed to cast light off to the sides of your primary direction, as opposed to evenly in a circle. Light that is cast above or below your plane of sight is largely wasted. The mounted weapon light does not waste and plane of sight. As you are searching an area…

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  • Mounting a Crimson Trace Railmaster to a Rifle

    Rob Pincus demonstrates how to mount a Crimson Trace Railmaster Pro to a defensive rifle. He covers not only how to mount this specific device, but where you might want to attach any light and/or laser device on your rifle and why some positions are better than others.

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  • Crimson Trace Railmaster Pro Overview

    The Railmaster Pro from Crimson Trace combines a laser and a white light in a rugged and easy-to-use package. This laser and light combo is housed in CNC’d Aluminum, features ambidextrous switching, and can be used in four different modes: laser only, light only, laser and light combination, and laser with strobing light. This video…

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