• Ballista Tactical Rotating Rail

    Ballista Tactical Rotating Rail

    Rob Pincus discusses some potential uses for this new product from Ballista Tactical. This innovative rail, which allows accessories to be rotated around the barrel, offers flexibility in a variety of situations.

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  • Accessorizing AR-15 Type Rifles

    Accessorizing AR-15 Type Rifles

    AR-15 type rifles are known for their ability to be accessorized. The Ballista Nautilus Rotating Rail allows you to change the position of any of your rail-mounted accessories in 45-degree increments.

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  • Examining the Nautilus Rotating Rail

    Examining the Nautilus Rotating Rail

    The Ballista Tactical Nautilus Rotating Rail is a truly different product. Two sections on the rail are set up so you can quickly change the position of any accessory set up around your barrel and move it to another location.

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