• Learn How to Break In a Handgun

    Learn How to Break In a Handgun

    Today’s guns come off the assembly line theoretically ready to fire. In reality most guns require a break-in period to allow parts to mesh together and result in a gun that functions reliably. PDN Contributor Grant Cunningham shares his gun break-in procedure so you can learn how to break in a handgun, which is quick,…

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  • Gun Torture Test

    Gun Torture Test

    In this detailed video, PDN presents the defensive gun torture test, which we recommend giving to any handgun before you commit to carrying it and trusting your life to it. The purpose is to ensure the pistol’s reliability with the ammunition you intend to carry. Can the gun shoot 200 rounds of FMJ ammo and…

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  • Defensive Shooting Standards Drill: Stage 2

    Defensive Shooting Standards Drill: Stage 2

    Once you have become comfortable with the first stage of the Defensive Shooting Standards Drill, this evolution lets you include sighted fire on smaller targets. Rob Pincus explains the shooting standards drill and demonstrates how it is run. Of course, defensive training drills are much more about finding your failure points and determining what you…

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