• 6:08

    CMMG MkG45 Guard and the Concept of Pistol-Caliber Carbines

    Pistol-caliber carbines are becoming increasingly popular. The CMMG MkG45 Guard in .45 ACP looks and shoots like other ARs but inside it’s unique, and its uniqueness means some serious advantages for shooters. Radial Delayed Blowback System This new patent-pending system makes the CMMG MkG45 Guard shoot a lot softer than even 9mm pistol-caliber carbines, and…

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  • 6:19

    FNX 45 Review

    FN makes rugged duty guns for military and law enforcement use. But they are also available to private citizens for competition, home defense, and everyday carry. Rob Pincus has an FNX-45 Tactical and it’s clearly meant for the armed professional. Let’s take a closer look with this FNX 45 review. FNX-45 Review, Tactical Model The…

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