• The Disadvantages of Pepper Spray

    The Disadvantages of Pepper Spray

    Kelly Muir discusses whether pepper spray is an appropriate defensive tool. If it lives at the bottom of your purse, as it does for many users, the answer is definitely no, because you will not be able to access it when under stress during an attack.

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  • Carrying Non-Lethal Force Options

    Carrying Non-Lethal Force Options

    Rob Pincus discusses carrying optional defensive tools along with your firearm. This practice has been strongly advocated by several instructors, including PDN Contributor Claude Werner, in order to allow you to defend yourself without having to

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  • Using a Taser C2 Device

    Using a Taser C2 Device

    In this video, we demonstrate the effectiveness of a Taser C2, a safety device that is produced for civilian use. It is a relatively intuitive device to utilize, but it can be paramount for escaping a dangerous situation.

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