• Holster Carry Positions: Angle & Placement

    Holster Carry Positions: Angle & Placement

    Travis Haley of Haley Strategic Partners analyzes the biomechanics of holster carry positions. How are your hands, arms and the rest of your body affected by placing the holster in the right or wrong place? When drawing a handgun, straight lines are strong and angles are weak. See how small adjustments to your holster carry…

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  • LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Compact Training Pistol

    LaserLyte Trigger Tyme Compact Training Pistol

    The LaserLyte Trigger Tyme compact Training Pistol allows you to train in virtually any environment with a variety of target systems and the use of a LaserLyte LT Pro Training Laser. The compact Trigger Tyme training pistol has a resetting trigger, allowing you to take multiple shots during your training drills without working the action…

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  • Viridian Instant On Laser Technology

    Viridian Instant On Laser Technology

    Having an Instant On laser on a defensive handgun makes using a laser as an aiming device significantly more efficient. Traditionally, you need to perform an extra step to activate any laser technology, or ensure that your grip engages a switch. While it has always been an option to simply leave your laser on while…

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  • Viridian Light ECR Holster

    Viridian Light ECR Holster

    All Viridian light and laser products come with an Enhanced Combat Readiness (ECR) holster. ECR allows you to take advantage of Viridian’s Instant On technology, conserving the battery of your switched-on device while it is holstered. Viridian also offers level two retention outside the waistband holsters for a variety of firearms with built in ECR.…

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  • Garrity IN-VICTUS AIWB Leather Holster

    Garrity IN-VICTUS AIWB Leather Holster

    Mark Garrity of Garrity’s Gunleather presents his IN-VICTUS leather holster, which is purpose-built for appendix inside-the-waistband carry. He describes the challenges that AIWB carry presents: larger pistols tend to protrude away from the body and print; AIWB is dogged by claims of being uncomfortable, especially when seated; and it’s not suitable for all body types.…

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  • Buying New Tactical Holsters

    Buying New Tactical Holsters

    Rob Pincus presents a comprehensive testing procedure for taking your new tactical holsters to any shooting range. Before putting the holster on, make sure the firearm fits in the holster and the trigger is completely covered. Check that you can get a complete grip on the gun with no interference from the holster. Confirm that…

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  • Training in Slow Motion

    Training in Slow Motion

    When developing skills and forming patterns of movement, the speed at which actions are performed and practiced does not have to match the speed we’ll use when in an actual defensive encounter. Things that we must understand the correct pacing of include recoil management. But for presentation from the holster, we can move more slowly.…

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